Thieves target second homes on the Costa Blanca


FAMILIES have angrily complained about a lack of police patrols after a spate of break-ins in Mazarron, including one where a gang squatted for at least a week.

More than a dozen properties have been targeted at the Puerto Bahia urbanisation. 

There are now claims that police do not have sufficient officers to maintain adequate patrols in the area.

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One woman was allegedly told police were aware that squatters had been in her home. 

Although the gang damaged the property getting inside it appears they did not steal anything of value, despite forcing the garage door to check what was inside. 

But in another incident, one resident said his home was ransacked.

“We don’t know how many people there were, but they ate and drank everything they could lay their hands on,” he said.

The thieves then made off with a television, a microwave and bedding which had only just been purchased.

The fact that no-one has been arrested has left one resident feeling unsafe in her own home.

“You feel frightened to think someone can so easily get in. There is no security in the area.”

Residents said they were aware that undercover officers had previously patrolled the area in an unmarked car, but this had stopped. 

In other incidents, thieves broke into properties in Bolnuevo but it is not known if these are linked.


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