Massive drugs haul seized in Malaga drugs raids

HUGE HAUL: In addition to the drugs, seized items included vehicles, weapons, a computer and mobile phones.

FIFTEEN people have been arrested in a major crackdown on a drug smuggling gang who used high-powered boats to bring massive amounts of hashish into Spain.

The haul by the Guardia Civil and agents from the Agencia Tributaria, was one of the biggest seized in one operation at more than 2,700 kilos.

Police believe they have all the members of the gang in custody including the man suspected of being the ringleader and directing its operations.

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Those in custody are Spanish and Moroccan, according to the Guardia Civil.

In raids carried out in Granada, Malaga and Cadiz, as part of Operation Rebound, police units seized five high-speed semi-rigid boats.

Each is some 12 metres long and powered by high performance engines capable of outrunning most other boats.

The five craft whose total value is more than €600,000, were used to take the drug consignments to isolated Spanish beaches.

After being brought to the beach, the boats were loaded onto lorries and taken away from the scene.

The hashish was then taken to be stored on a boat harboured at Motril.

Later it was made ready for transportation around Spain. The gang were also responsible for supplying drug dealers in France and Holland.

Among the vehicles seized by police were seven cars and two SUVs.

Some had been specially adapted and fitted with false compartments underneath in order to store the drugs.

As part of Operation Rebound, police raided a number of homes and industrial units.

Several were in different parts of Granada and were used to hide the boats and house the trucks which transported them.

In addition to the vehicles, they seized a large amount of documentation, a computer, mobile phones and phone cards.

A number of weapons found at the scene were discovered to be replicas.

The investigation into the group began in November when hash was seized as it was being brought ashore at a beach near Motril.




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