Guardia Civil rescue five critically ill greyhounds from Sevilla farm

Guardia Civil
One of the greyhounds at the premises.

GUARDIA CIVIL’S animal protection unit, SEPRONA, has rescued five greyhounds in critical condition from a farmhouse in Sevilla.

Agents investigated the property after a complaint was filed by a volunteer at an animal rescue centre, and discovered six extremely malnourished and sick greyhounds.

Five of the dogs were removed from the premises but the sixth is believed to have been whisked away by the owners of the property before agents could enter.

Upon further inspection of the land, the cadaver of a seventh greyhound which had apparently been eaten by the other dogs was found.

A municipal animal shelter is taking care of four of the dogs, but the fifth had a microchip and has been returned to its original owners.

The suspected culprits have not yet been found, but their identities are known to the authorities.


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