Tony Blair calls on Britons to ‘rise up’ against Brexit

Not content with just attacking the Conservatives, Blair also blamed a debilitated Labour party as a facilitator for Brexit

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on British people to ‘rise up’ and challenge Britain’s EU exit.

In his speech, Blair said: “The people voted without knowledge of the terms of Brexit. As these terms become clear, it is their right to change their mind. Our mission is to persuade them to do so.”

The former Labour Prime Minister has since made it his ‘mission’ to ‘expose relentlessly’ what the cost of Brexit is going to be and highlight how the referendum was based on imperfect knowledge.

He also attacked the current government claiming Theresa May was pursuing ‘Brexit at any cost’ and must therefore be challenged.

Pro-Brexit politicians were quick to criticise Blair’s speech, with Boris Johnson calling for people to “rise up and turn off the TV next time Tony Blair’s on.”

The current Prime Minister has vowed to trigger Article 50 at the end of March but it is not clear whether the process could then be reversed.

Mrs May is aiming for a clean break from the EU, including leaving its single market and customs union.

Not content with just attacking the Conservatives, Blair also blamed a debilitated Labour party as a facilitator for Brexit.


  1. Thanks Tony, your idiotic interference will help a lot of the people who where not on the side of Brexit, decide that that actually leaving the EU is the better option! Lol

    I really think this man and people like him, actually do think they are the be all and end all of knowledge and wisdom, the complete arrogance is astonishing! 🙂

  2. Tony Blair is a distraction. Along with George W. Bush (another rogue US president) their foolish Iraq war forged the Islamic extremist backlash. So, it is most unfortunate that he has now appointed himself to attempt to close the door after the Brexit horse has bolted.

    So why not ignore Blair, take a look at the facts, and ask some serious questions instead?

    The biggest free market in the world is the European Single Market. So why leave it and jump into the unknown?

    Immigration to the UK is mostly from outside the EU – often from Islamic countries. So what’s the point of leaving the EU?

    The value of the pound has fallen steeply against the major world currencies since the Brexit referendum. Why? Guess.

    British pensions in countries outside the EU are frozen. So why risk losing annual pension increases?

    Reciprocal free health care is provided in EU countries. So why replace that with costly private care?

    Only England and Wales voted for Brexit. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in. Result? Stalemate. But Westminster prevails. Why?

    The list goes on. So will the fight.

  3. I still cannot understand why this man is not in prison for what he has done to the country. He took us into the Iraq war after which the world now suffers from terrorism, and he destroyed Britain with his immigration programme. Anyone who listens to this idiot deserves a good slapping.

  4. A populist revolt against globalisation and the establishment is taking place all over Europe and America. Much of it is because of policies like Tony Blair’s when he was in power. Voters are forsaking the old parties and switching to the likes of UKIP in England, the SNP in Scotland, and  leaders like Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump elsewhere.

    On the Andrew Marr programme, Liz Truss, the Tory Justice Secretary and English Lord Chancellor, said she speaks for BRITISH Brexit voters. She does not. Scots are British too, but Scotland voted to stay IN the EU – by a whopping 62% against only 38% voting for Brexit. So when she said “British” she really meant “English.”

    At the last election, Scotland’s voters reduced the two major Westminster parties, Tory and Labour, to only one Scottish MP each. The SNP MPs outnumber the other parties’ Scottish MPs by a much greater percentage than the Tories have ever achieved in England. The party of Government in Scotland’s capital city is the SNP, now in its third consecutive term of office. My message to Liz Truss and Westminster’s Tories is, if you continue to ignore Scotland’s voters you will bring about the break up of Britain.

    After all, if a populist revolt in England can lead to Britain leaving the European Union, a similar populist revolt in Scotland can lead to it leaving its union with England. There is only one way to stop that from happening. The Tories in Westminster need to start listening to the people of Scotland.


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