Scrut is a character who is loved by all

HOUSESITMATCH: Pet-sitting happiness.

OUR friend Scrut, the little terrier, lives between the UK and Spain. His owners sometimes take him back to Blighty, though usually when they are visiting friends in the UK they use housesitters to keep him at their new home in Malaga. As you can probably tell from this photo, Scrut is a little character. 

What he lacks in height and weight, he more than makes up for in personality and sheer tenacity. He was the smallest puppy in the rescue shelter when his owners Jan and Michael picked him out from the pack. They said they could just tell he’d be fun to play with, and his eyes simply beckoned, so they rescued him.

When they first came to HouseSitMatch to find a petsitter they were a little nervous and keen to find an experienced dog handler who wouldn’t worry if Scrut was excessively playful or perhaps a little disobedient from time to time. He does try it on a bit apparently. We matched Scrut with retired builder Gavin, who likes a bit of personality in his dogs. They got on well over Christmas and New Year and might meet again later in the year. 


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