Tears and uncertainty for Babilonia residents

Some of the buildings damaged by the storms

LEGAL advice is being arranged for the affected neighbours of Playa Babilonia in Guardamar who are witnessing their houses collapse and slip further into the sea right in front of their eyes.

Residents have previously met with authorities and demanded both Costas and the City of Guardamar to take action and offer solutions following the catastrophic consequences of time and the storms with half the houses now collapsed or damaged.

The owners of the houses affected by the landslides have formed a neighbourhood association and held further meetings in Alicante which advised them to abandon their homes permanently. However, unwilling to surrender their properties they agreed to enforce the judicial order that allows precautionary measures to remove the debris caused by landslides, and create a temporary replacement of the pavements as they seek further legal advice.

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The group has also met with the National Platform of those Affected by the Coastal Law, with the aim of joining forces at a higher level.

President of the Neighbourhood Association, Manuel Lopez said at the meeting there were “tears, moments of despair and real uncertainty” amongst the neighbours who are “really going through it.” He denounced the treatment they are receiving from Costas who are “treating us as terrorists who put their house there without permission.”

The houses began to be constructed in1929, at a time when there was about 100m of beach from the houses to the sea. However now, the channelling works of the Segura have caused sediments to be stored meaning the beach is not regenerating leaving the sea to get closer and closer. Recent storms have not helped the situation.


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