Rescuers seek owners for homeless pot-bellied pigs in Alicante


RACHAEL and Hannah have adopted 20 of the Vietnamese pigs that have colonised Javea’s El Saladar district.

The pigs were some time ago released from a local smallholding and bred uncontrollably.  El Saladar residents called for solutions that included a cull but Rachael and Hannah stepped in to save 20 pigs and installed them on a rented plot of land.

Unfortunately, the landowner has now asked Rachael and Hannah to move the animals.  If they fail to do so, she will call in a vet and have the pigs put down, she warned.

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They want to avoid this at all costs, the two women explained, as one of the females has recently farrowed.

Desperately anxious to find a home for the pigs, Rachael and Hanna are urgently seeking another suitable plot of land where they can continue to look after the animals and feed them, they said.  They are also looking for members of the public willing to adopt one of the pigs.

Rachael can be contacted via her Facebook page.


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