Hello, what’s up with Wassap?

Kevin Hart and family.

I WAS watching the stand-up comic Kevin Hart the other day and he was joking about how important it is for him to reply to his wife’s ‘wassaps’ immediately as otherwise she’d have an entire conversation on her own, inventing the reasons, whys and wherefores for his lack of response.

I had to laugh because I think we are all guilty of this to some degree.

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We send a wassap and expect almost immediate replies from whomever we send the text to and if they don’t reply within what we consider to be an acceptable time frame, we conjure up why not and literally start putting words into their mouths.

For the past couple of weeks I have had my phone repaired twice, meaning that it didn’t work properly for a couple of days, a couple more days in the ‘shop’ and then taking it back again when it still didn’t work.

During that time I received many wassaps; none of which I replied to as obviously I hadn’t seen them.

I imagine that there are those who realised I hadn’t seen the messages, perhaps because they are in the ‘know’ that one pale grey tick appearing at the foot of the message means that the message was sent, two pale grey ticks mean that the message has been delivered, but you need those two ticks to turn blue to indicate that the message has been read. 

Obviously not everyone knows this, as I found out once I got the phone back.   

One friend in particular had asked to meet me to discuss some exciting plans. The first message contained the original text, but the next umpteen wassaps went from are you too busy to talk, to wondering whether I was avoiding them and finally concluding that I was feeling ‘stalked’ and offering sincerest apologies.

The person in question was obviously most relieved to find out the real reason and more than a bit embarrassed that I’d seen this one-sided ‘interaction.’

I have to say it was hilarious reading the progression of messages and the ever-increasing neurotic frenzy. The funniest bit though is that I am just as guilty; once I see those ticks turn blue I’m waiting, expecting that reply and if it doesn’t come, although I try not to send loads of follow-up messages, I am right there with Kevin Hart’s wife and this friend and I too am prone to start my own conversation with myself and more often than not, worry. 

So, one of my New Year’s resolutions regarding wassap is three-fold; firstly to remember that even two blue ticks doesn’t guarantee that the person I sent the message to was the person who saw / read the message and when in doubt, resort to the old fashioned way: pick up the phone and call! But above all: if they don’t answer, hold back from coming to any conclusions on the conversation I just had with myself!






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