EU Commission issues ‘final warning’ to Spain over air pollution breaches

Barcelona covered in smog

SPAIN has been sent a final warning to comply with EU air pollution standards.

If Spain does not show the Commission how it intends to comply with EU law within two months, a court hearing with the power to impose heavy fines could begin later this year.

There are three ‘air quality zones’ that exceed the NO2 limits in the country, one in Madrid and two in Barcelona.

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Poor air quality is believed to be the cause of an estimated 30,000 deaths a year in Spain alone, according to a report published by the European Environment Agency.

Britain has also been issued a final warning for 16 air quality zones exceeding the pollution limits, among which are London, Birmingham and Leeds.


  1. Hmm Brussels needs the fines to pay for the beano celebrations in Rome! The UK handout since 1973 is coming to an end!

    Strange that Germany has consistently breached trade surplus requirements yet over all the years it has done so, there’s never been even the threat of a fine!


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