‘Ghost’ haunts Granada council building

Picture of the 'ghost' in the hallway

A COUNCILLOR claims a ghost has taken up residence in a Granada council building.

The photo was taken by a civic worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, after hours at the Vegas de Genil council building.

The councillor told the Ideal newspaper: “It was unusually cold in the office. I put on my coat and went to the bathroom. That’s when I heard strange rustling sounds down the hallway.”

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Fearing burglars had entered the building, the worker took out his phone – initially to call the police – and took a picture of the hallway with the flash on as he was too scared to turn on the lights.

After seeing no one there, the councillor returned to his office and after seeing what appeared to be a figure in the photograph he began to panic and quickly left the building.

Reports have surfaced that the mayor, Leandro Martin, has since paid a medium to cleanse the building but the council denies these claims.


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