Two dead after car plummets from docks in Cantabria

112 Cantabria/Twitter
TOO DEEP: Divers were unable to recover the bodies and the car was eventually removed using a crane.

TWO teenagers have died after the car they were driving plunged into the sea in the Cantabrian town of Laredo.

The two young men, aged 17 and 18, were unable to get out of the vehicle after it fell four metres from the municipal docks, eventually coming to rest on its roof in six metres of water.

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A third occupant managed to escape and was transferred to hospital suffering from hypothermia.

The cause of the accident remains unconfirmed, but police sources have suggested that one of the youngsters was driving the Fiat Bravo without a licence and may have lost control.

Rescue attempts were complicated by the depth and freezing conditions, with the first Guardia Civil officer on the scene unable to reach the stricken car.

Three firefighters wearing neoprene suits were also unable to descend deep enough since they did not have oxygen tanks.


Eventually, divers from the Red Cross were able to reach the vehicle, which was removed using a crane with the bodies still inside.


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