Brothers arrested for animal abuse

Policia Nacional/Youtube

NATIONAL POLICE in Torre del Mar last week rescued a malnourished dog, Rex, who had been locked away in cramped quarters with poor sanitation by two brothers.

The police were tipped off to the crime by a resident of Torre del Mar, who complained that a dog was being neglected.  They then carried out a search and found the animal, which had been starved and had flea bites and dermatitis across his body.  Veterinary checks on Rex also confirmed he had some alopecia, possibly due to poor diet or lack of light, and leishmaniosis, a parasitic disease which can be fatal if not treated urgently.

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Following investigations, police also found the dog had not been vaccinated or dewormed and did not have an identity chip, which is now required by law.  The officers also noted that he only had a minimum amount of water in his bowl and no food.  Rex has now undergone a worming treatment and surgery for his wounds.

The brothers, aged 20 and 24, were arrested for animal neglect and their case has been taken forward to the Judicial Authority.  Rex has been taken into care in Axarquia.


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