Britain likely to miss EU 60th Anniversary party in Rome

© European Union
Theresa May at the February EU meeting in Malta.

AS Britain moves closer to triggering Article 50 to allow it to leave the European Union, it appears that EU leaders hope Prime Minister May doesn’t do this to coincide with the 60th Anniversary of the European Union celebrations to be held in Rome in March.

The actual date of the celebration is March 25 when all of the heads of the member states have been invited to be present to recall the signing of the Treaty of Rome by Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands on that date in 1957.

As the other 27 states will be celebrating the Union and planning for the future, the sight of Mrs May hovering like a spectre at a feast would probably put a damper on the entire meeting and it seems unlikely therefore that she will take up her invitation.

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Considering that this party has been planned for several years, diplomatic sources will no doubt be encouraging the Prime Minister to plan her timing of the triggering of Article 50 so that it is not so close to the celebration as to overshadow it.



  1. Rome is a great place for a beano at taxpayers’ expense.

    We’re finally leaving & have work to do.

    Brussels loving federal parasites can party while there’s time; there won’t be a 70th.

  2. Oh what a shame, she might be missing another waste of money by the EU… funny how their jaunts and other activities that involve the ignorant waste of peoples money on celebration when many “if not all” member countries are suffering from lack of finance to combat important issues! 🙂


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