War declared on poachers in Javea

Javea town hall
SURVEILLANCE: More of a busy bee than a drone

JAVEA’S Local Police have another ally in preventing marine poaching.

The town hall has contracted a drone to keep Javea’s 25 kilometres of coastline under surveillance, including its most inaccessible spots.

Patrols by the drone will be randomised to heighten the surprise factor and images will be sent to officers from the Special Tasks Unit (UCE) in real time, enabling a quick response.   The drone’s images will also serve as proof in prosecution proceedings.

Public Safety councillor Pepa Gisbert, accompanied by Local Police superintendant Jose Antonio Monfort, emphasised that Javea’s authorities are determined to stem poaching. The drone will assist in stamping it out from the air as well as on land and at sea and make it possible to inspect previously inaccessible areas while freeing officers for other duties, they said.

Local mayor Jose Chulvi also stressed the town hall’s commitment to putting an end to poaching and defending environmental, economic and social sustainability.

“With this initiative we can use 21st century technology to defend something as traditional as our fishing industry,” Chulvi said, calling on the local population to collaborate over poaching.

Once current regulations are modified, the town hall also hopes to be able to use the drone in fire extinction missions or locating people stranded on cliffs or other hard-to-reach areas.


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