Spanish police recover ‘mystery’ helicopter

MYSTERY: The helicopter is removed on the back of a lorry

THE Guardia Civil has recovered a helicopter that was found on a farm in Faraján in the Serrania de Ronda in Malaga province.  

The helicopter is painted black and, apparently, does not have documentation or a registration number.

When questioned by police the land owner said he did not know the reason why it was there.

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The farm is located about three kilometres from Farajan and its owner usually lives on the Costa del Sol.

Police believe that the aircraft could have been used for the transport of illegal goods and they have not ruled out that a mechanical fault might have forced the aircraft to land.

The Guardia Civil has now transferred the helicopter on the back of a lorry to a secure location and are waiting for someone to claim it.

In 2015 a helicopter, also painted black, crashed into an electricity pylon killing its two occupants. On board were three bales of hashish.



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