Police in Almeria to patrol in plain clothes

Nemo via Wikimedia Commons
VANDALISM: one of the things plain clothes officers will be watching out for

PLAIN clothed Local Police officers have started patrolling various areas of Almeria City at night with a view to cracking down on crime.

This, Citizen Security councillor Maria Vazquez explained, will allow them to “make the most of the surprise factor and catch those who break the law unawares.”

The officers, who will be supported by uniformed colleagues whenever necessary, will be patrolling busy and problem areas and paying particular attention to underage drinking, drugs, ‘looky looky men,’ vandalism, bullying or abuse and excessive noise among other problems.


While initially these patrols will only occur at night, the council hopes to also introduce them during the day in the near future, especially near schools to catch skivers.

“This is the continuation of an initiative we launched at Christmas with excellent results and will increase citizen safety,” Vazquez said.


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