Misteri d’Elx travels to 2074

Elche council
The capsule at the entrance of La Festa museum

HERE’S a date for your diary… 57 years from now. This will be when Elche’s time capsule is opened, on August 10, 2074.

Mayor Carlos Gonzalez admitted he was “excited to do this” as he took part in the event to create a time capsule along with the rector of the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche and the president of the Misteri d’Elx.

The time capsule was sealed with four nails and inside contains items related to Elche’s famous Misteri d’Elx Mystery Play, making it even more immortal, as well as a euro coin, some stamps and a newspaper.

The time capsule was an initiative of the chair of the Misteri d’Elx of the UMH and its director, as part of events to mark the 20th anniversary of the Miguel Hernandez University and to further safeguard the Misteri d’Elx.

The mayor commented that there is much fascination over how the world will look in 57 years from now but “in August 2074 the Mystery Play will be represented offering the paradox of certainty in the face of uncertainty.”

The capsule will be displayed for everyone to see in the Museum of La Festa until it is opened in 2074.

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