Investigation reveals that girl, 13, was not prostituted by her mother

ALMERIA: The girl was forced to work in order to feed her mother’s alcoholism.

THE Prosecution Office in Almeria has confirmed that a 13-year-old girl suspected of having been forced into sexual work by her mother has not in fact been working as a prostitute.

However, she was performing domestic work in exchange for cash which she used to buy spirits and tobacco for her alcoholic parent, who would violently throw her out of the house if she returned empty-handed.

The mother, who is of Russian nationality, is now under investigation for neglect and mistreatment of her daughter and nine-year-old son.


A 59-year-old man with previous sexual abuse convictions did hire the girl to work in his house but she refused his advances.

The owner of a local bakery where she worked for two or three euros per day has also been arrested for employing a minor.

The two children remain in the care of a specialised protection centre.


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