Greenpeace takes Carboneras mayors to court over illegal hotel

Wikimedia Commons
The illegal hotel in El Algarrobico

TIRED of waiting for demolition of the illegal hotel in El Algarrobico, Greenpeace has decided to try and take the current and former mayors of Carboneras to court.

The ecologist organisation has announced it has lodged a complaint with the Public Prosecutor for the Environment and Town Planning against Salvador Hernandez, the current mayor, and his predecessor Cristobal Fernandez. Both mayors, Greenpeace claims, could be guilty of disobedience and corrupt practice for failing to change the status of the land the hotel stands on and not insisting on its demolition.

The hotel is illegal and there is no chance of it being legalised and there are a number of high court sentences to this respect, however ecologists claim the mayors have blatantly disobeyed the courts.

“It’s incredible to see how those in charge of Carboneras Council fail to respect the most basic principles of a democracy, ignoring even the orders of the high courts. Having run out of administrative processes, Greenpeace has no choice but to take the matter to the criminal courts to have the illegal hotel demolished,” Greenpeace lawyer Jose Manuel Marraco said.

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