Gang producing fake supercars arrested by National Police

National Police
Two of the fake cars

AFTER discovering a fake Ferrari in Benidorm which had been created from the body of a much cheaper car, officers from the National Police managed to locate the workshop in which this second hand ‘bargain’ had been created.

Having identified the seller of the counterfeit car through an advertisement on the web, the trail led from Benidorm to Sils in Girona and when officers visited the premises they discovered 14 vehicles in the process of being transformed into ‘supercars.’

When officers raided the premises, they found four completed fake cars ready for sale, a number of parts, fibre glass moulds, speedometers, Ferrari stickers and fake registration documents.

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In the process of arresting three people in the workshop, the officers also unexpectedly and as an added bonus, discovered a fully equipped marihuana plantation.


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