WATCH: Spain dramatically selects entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2017


MANEL NAVARRO will sing for Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. He was victorious in the live selection programme Objetivo Eurovisión on TVE with the song “Do it for your lover”.

But the show had a  dramatic conclusion as Manel Navarro and Mirela were tied as viewer television votes were added to those of the jury. While the audience  chanted ‘Mirela’, the jury chose Manel in a somewhat controversial result.

This followed continuous booing of the voting process and was followed by a member of the public being removed from the studio after shouting and swearing during the live final.

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The rules outlined previously by TVE stated that the jury would have the final decision in case of a tie. That is exactly what happened and the jury subsequently went on to choose  Navarro as the Spanish representative to Kiev.

Navarro, appeared displeased by the overwhelming dislike to results during selection show and a video has surfaced showing him using an underarm sign which in Spain is a highly insulting term.

Five participants in the national final were invited to compete by the broadcaster from among artists signed to record labels and one was selected from a wildcard round called Eurocasting.

Spain has won the Eurovison contest on two occasions: in 1968 with the song “La, la, la” performed by Massiel and in 1969 with the song “Vivo cantando” performed by Salomé, the latter having won in a four-way tie with France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Spain has also finished second four times.



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