Mojacar council leading the online pack

Ayuntamiento de Mojacar
Emmanuel Agüero: Showing visitors what they will find in Mojacar.

WHEN it comes to online promotion, Mojacar council has set an example to follow to the extent that other Almeria municipalities have been asking it for advice on the matter.

Well aware of fashions and modern ways of seeking information, the council has recently updated its website and worked on its main Facebook page, Turismo de Mojacar, with impressive results.

The Facebook page for example, Tourism councillor Emmanuel Agüero has reported, reached more than seven million users all over the world last year and currently has 40,000 followers.

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Changes made to the municipal tourism website and social media sites were based mainly on the addition of new picture galleries, a new design and more intuitive navigation, making the sites easier to use both for local residents and tourists who may be interested in planning a visit to Mojacar.

Agüero said: “a boring, static Facebook page does not attract interest so will not have followers and without followers we cannot get the message across. That’s why the new page and website are much more visual, with a more modern image, fresher colours and more emphasis on photos to make them attractive and show visitors what they will find in Mojacar.”



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