Hunting dog protests in Alicante

HUNTING DOGS: Taught to be violent and killed when no longer of use.

MORE than 100 people gathered in Alicante City’s Plaza de Luceros, demanding a ban on hunting with dogs.

Organised by the ‘No hunting with dogs’ platform, it was also attended by Pacma and other animal protection societies as well as dog owners accompanied by their greyhounds and hunting dogs.  Also present was the city’s Animal Protection councillor Marisol Moreno.

 “Greyhounds and other dogs used for hunting live in dreadful conditions and they are taught to be violent.  When they are no longer of use they are killed and they die awful deaths,” one of the protesters said.   

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More demonstrations are planned, the next scheduled for the Explanada at 12 noon on March 12, calling for tougher sentences for ill-treating animals.



  1. Protests on hunting rabbits with greyhounds from a people who applaud the ritual murder of bulls with spears and swords? When the bull is driven into the arena its grisly end is certain,there is no escape.


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