Guardia Civil arrest gang exporting stolen items to Algeria

RECOVERED: Mobile phones, tablets and jewellery

SPANISH police in Alicante have recovered around 400 high-value, stolen items such as latest generation mobile phones, jewellery, computers and tablets, valued at about 100,000 euros.

Seventeen members of the network have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in the second phase of the operation “Bijouterie”.

Aged between 23 and 58 years of age they are of Spanish, Algerian, Bolivian, Moroccan, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Nigerian, Salvadoran and Paraguayan nationalities.

In addition to the stolen objects about 5,000 euros in cash was seized.

Two mobile phone repair shops of mobile phones were also raided.

The gang used sophisticated tools for weighing jewels, as well as acids, reagents and sandpaper to test the gold, as well as laser devices and meters to determine the type a purity of precious stones.
All the products they obtained were later transferred by a network of “mules” to Algeria for resale.


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