Drugs coma man dies in Malaga hospital

CARLOS HAYA: The man had been in hospital for 23 days.

A MAN who swallowed a bag of drugs during a police raid on a suspected drugs den has died in hospital after more than 20 days in a coma.

Police swooped on an address in Plaza Palmilla in Malaga last month.

The property had been under surveillance since last October when police investigations confirmed it was being used for dealing in drugs.


Police entered the premises and the man, in his 50s, is then believed to have swallowed the package. As police arrested the main resident in the apartment officers realised the man, who is Spanish, was choking.

Attempts were made to remove the bag, but the man went without oxygen for a time and then lost consciousness, lapsing into a coma.

He was taken by ambulance to the Carlos Haya Hospital where he remained for 23 days. The post-mortem examination confirmed he died of asphyxia.


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