WATCH: Two ‘Make Spain Second’ videos assure Trump ‘we are not Mexicans’


HOURS after Donald Trump’s phone call with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Spain purported to release two ‘official’ messages directed at the president of the United States.

The ‘Make Spain Second’ videos follow on from a video short, released last month in The Netherlands that went viral and which parodied Trump’s ‘America First’ inauguration message.

Both clips make it abundantly clear to the president that Spanish people are not to be confused with Mexicans.


One of them, made by the satirical show Intermedio, says Spain’s secret weapon against Muslim immigrants is the fact that “in Spain we eat so much pork that no Muslim wants to come in.”

You can watch the video on La Sexta’s website by clicking here

The second clip, produced by Spanish YouTube channel Toniemcee, compares Trump to Spain’s former dictator Francisco Franco and says the country discovered and conquered America but let it go because “it was too far.”



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