Spanish police raid Cadiz kennel and rescue almost 50 animals

Guardia Civil
Guardia Civil saved 42 dogs, three cats, a horse, a pony and a donkey

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have rescued dozens of animals from an illegal kennel in Cadiz which held them captive in filthy conditions.

The owner of the Chiclana kennel has been charged with crimes against domestic animals and will be hauled before a local court to testify.

Seprona, the Guardia Civil’s animal and environmental protection unit, saved 42 dogs, three cats, a horse, a pony and a donkey from the kennel’s clutches.

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All the animals are now under the care of local animal welfare organisations.

The kennel raid was announced on Thursday February 9. The Guardia Civil had received numerous complaints from neighbours, animal rights groups and local officials about potential abuses at a Chiclana farmhouse.

Officers gained a search warrant for the premises and uncovered a cesspool of disgusting conditions.

The dogs were held together in a pen, regardless of sex or breed, without any toilet facilities, water, or food, save what was occasionally thrown at them. They were covered in their own excrement, were dehydrated and had no access to sunlight.

What specific repercussions the owner will face remain to be seen. It is unlikely that he will face any significant penalty under current law. 


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