Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias could quit at party congress

Flickr: ahora madrid
PODEMOS: Leader Pablo Iglesias

SPAIN’S far-left party Podemos is facing a lively congress when 10,000 supporters converge on a Madrid congress centre this weekend.

The members will be voting for a new leadership council, secretary general, and what party line to take for the future.

What started off as a strategy clash between leader Pablo Iglesias and his deputy, Inigo Errejon, has now developed into party-wide infighting.


Iglesias wants Podemos to go back to being a protest party – just like it was when it was formed at the height of the economic crisis. Errejon wants Podemos to follow a more moderate route.

Iglesias is almost assured of being elected Podemos leader again as there is only one other low-profile candidate.

But Iglesias has warned that if his list of candidates and strategy don’t go through, he will step down.

Across Spain millions of voters are watching with dismay as their party rips itself apart after rising from nothing to become Spain’s third political force in just two years.


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