It’s a big and nasty world out there folks

JAMES BOND: His licence to kill is not far from the truth.

CAN’T quite believe I’m doing Trump again this week but the man is such wonderful column fodder, I find him almost impossible to resist. 

At least the court order, reversing his blanket ban on travellers from seven Muslim countries proved one thing. That no man, even the president of the United States, is in fact an island. 

Hopefully the overruling by the federal judge, finally convinced the naïve whingers (‘one dangerous finger hovering over the red button’ etc) that there are a considerable number of factors involved before decisions of this magnitude can be implemented, even in a retaliatory mode. Dr Strangelove he ain’t!  


Although Russia may be a little more blatant, and somewhat less subtle, I also agree with Trump that, if the situation calls for it, most countries are very capable and do most certainly engage in assassinations, including the UK. 

To my mind there is no doubt that Stephen Ward, who featured in the Christine Keeler/Mandy Rice scandal of the 60’s was topped, before he could blow the whistle on one or two characters (highly rumoured to be royalty) being participants in the sex orgies involved. I am also convinced that the tragic Dr Kelly was murdered on orders from the government, prior to revealing the lies and false information concerned in the weapons of destruction issues that ultimately led us into the war on Iraq. 

James Bond and his licence to kill appointment is actually not far from the truth. I think the assassins of the CIA and British secret service, are far more lethal and mercenary than the romantic 007 ever was. 

So full marks to PDT for once again speaking out. However shocking his statements may seem, my message to the so-called patriots, who think their countries are whiter than white and couldn’t possibly be involved in such unacceptable practices, I say get a life. 

It’s a big nasty world out there, and we just may need big and nasty people to make sure we survive in it.


Keep the Faith.
Love Leapy.
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  1. Well done Leapy! Your admiration of Donald Trump has been softening noticeably over the past three weeks with each succeeding article you’ve written about him. Three weeks ago you were very excited. Two weeks ago you were a bit more critical, although you said you still found him refreshing.

    This week it’s clear you’re beginning to see at least some of his many faults – especially over his crazy, misguided travel ban. Legal minds know the real causes of violence and terrorism in the US are mostly home grown – not imported.

    Did you know a Glasgow veterinary worker was stranded with her boyfriend on holiday in South America by his stupid ban? It was because she still had an Iranian passport and their flight home was to be via New York. Fortunately her Scottish friends did some fund raising to get them home later using European connecting flights which cost her a lot more. Also, the Iranian baby girl with holes in her heart may now get life saving surgery in the US and many more innocent travellers may now complete their journeys if common sense prevails.

    But, hey! How about writing something different next week Leapy on a subject other than Trump? There’s lots to choose from – art, science, literature, music, drama. You know a bit about the last two at least.

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