Explosives and ID theft gang arrested


POLICE have smashed another gang using explosives to blow up cash machines in Spain.

At least 23 people were arrested over a period of several months but details are only now being released.

The gang were involved in numerous crimes including burglary, identity theft, stealing high-value vehicles and the use of gas and explosives to blast open cash machines.


Their offences were committed partly in Catalonia and also in Valencia, Vitoria and Pamplona. Later it was found they had started operating in Madrid.

In one robbery at a cash machine nails were thrown across roads in the area to hinder the chances of police following them.

Several private vehicles were damaged and a postman was injured when a nail went into his foot.

Police have also been able to track down several people who were handling the stolen property.

Checks on the men showed a number had committed crimes in other European countries including Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.



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