Mother prostituted 13-year-old daughter in exchange for cigarettes and alcohol

BEACHFRONT PROMENADE: The family were living close to the walkway in Almeria City.

A RUSSIAN mother has been arrested in Almeria for allegedly prostituting her 13-year-old daughter in exchange for alcohol, cigarettes, food items or €15-20 in cash.

The young girl was forced to have sex with a 59-year-old man who has a history of sexually abusing minors.

Her mother, aged 33, has been charged with neglecting her children but released pending trial, while the victim and her nine-year-old brother have been placed in a child protection centre.

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The police investigation began in January after one of the mother’s neighbours became suspicious, having seen the man coming and going with the girl over a period of several days.

After tracking his movements officers arrested him at his home while he was with the victim.

The two children were not enrolled in school and were left to wander the streets of Almeria, according to police reports.

A restraining order has been issued which prevents their mother from contacting or approaching them.


  1. Trump’s ban on certain foreign citizens may be going too far but it is time that the western democracies took stock of who is living in their countries. Russia is not part of the EU so what was this women doing in Spain? She should be sent home to be looked after by her own Government. In the same way that the young Moroccan who arrived illegally and is the subject of a legal battle over his age should be returned to his own country which is a safe friendly neighbour to Spain. Why should Spain have to take responsibility for him or any other foreign citizens who are not genuine refugees and sometimes end up filling Spanish, Italian, French or British prisons. Each country should take responsibilitty for its own citizens


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