Right wing group attacks Starbucks in Madrid

Hogar Social Madrid Twitter
One of the stickers

HOGAR SOCIAL MADRID, a right wing group which is considered by some observers as being in the neo-Nazi spectrum, has taken to the streets of Madrid this time targeting the windows of several Starbucks properties.

In response to the news that Starbucks plans to employ 10,000 refugees over the next five years, it has placed stickers over the Starbucks logo which refer to Starburka and state “Here refugees are hired while you are unemployed.”

This was reinforced by tweets complaining about the employment of refugees whilst Spain has 23 per cent unemployment.

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The real negative to this campaign by the group that provides food to destitute Spaniards is that so far Spain has welcomed less than 1,000 refugees as part of its EU quota and the total of 10,000 is to be spread around 75 countries in which Starbucks operate.


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