Elderly British paedophile arrested in Alicante

Guardia Civil
Paedophile under arrest

UPDATE: Following his extradition to the UK, the man now identified as Mark Frost has been jailed for life at the Old Bailey and has been warned that he will most likely die in prison.


A 70-YEAR-OLD British paedophile has been arrested in Alicante in an operation coordinated between the Guardia Civil, National Crime Agency in the UK and Europol.

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The former teacher identified as MF is accused of abusing more than 45 children in Thailand and the UK and was initially identified when a contact in the Netherlands was arrested for owning child pornography and had a video of MF abusing children in Thailand.

He was arrested in Thailand and was on bail although he was also convicted in the UK of similar offences but ‘jumped bail’ having sold up and moved to start a new life in Spain under an assumed name.

MF has been a teacher for a number of years as well as a scout leader and was accused of abusing children at his school as well as his adopted son in the UK before being arrested in Thailand.

The extradition process to return him to the UK for sentencing is now under way.


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