Body found with hands cut off in Cartagena

Neighbours have told police the premises were used for growing marihuana

THE body of a man has been found tortured and with his hands cut off at an isolated farmhouse in Cartagena.

The victim, thought to be Lithuanian, was murdered, police believe, as a message in a feud between rival drugs gangs.

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Neighbours have told police the premises were used for growing marihuana.

The man’s killers left his body tied to the wooden post of a garden pergola, wrapped partly in polythene and wearing only his underpants.

The grisly discovery was made by a police patrol who had been dispatched to the location after the alarm was raised by a truck driver.

He was said to have first noticed the body in the morning but assumed from a distance that the man was resting.

When he passed by the same location later that day he realised the man had not moved and alerted police.

Officers found the man bloodied and with multiple injuries to his body, and with his hands cut off.

Neighbours later told police that four men, thought to be from eastern Europe, had been living in the property for more than a year.

They also said a fifth man was sometimes seen visiting them.

The men had been using the isolated premises, off the road between El Castillejo and Los Simonetes, for the illegal cultivation of marihuana.

Occasionally the plants could be seen growing through a boundary fence, police were told.

The identity of the dead man has not yet been revealed.

The owner of the property who rented it to the men is believed to be from Madrid and often told neighbours he had difficulty getting access to his property.


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