Police reunite dog beaten by tenant with owner

National Police
One happy owner and his dog

THE owner of a property in Alicante who rented out rooms returned home to discover that his one-year-old Jack Russell had been badly beaten by one of the tenants and called the National Police.

When they arrived, they established that the dog had grabbed hold of some toilet paper and the vicious beating was punishment for the animal.

The officers arrested the 51-year-old man and the dog was taken to a vet who advised that the animal was in a very serious condition.

But in the event, his life was saved and he was reunited with his worried owner.

This is the second case of animal abuse in Alicante that the National Police have become involved with as a few days earlier they were called to a house where a very young puppy was locked onto a terrace without food or water.

Happily, although the puppy was badly dehydrated, he was released with the assistance of the fire brigade and taken to a local animal shelter where he was treated and recovered.


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