Valencia’s protection plan pummelled


THE Ecologists in Action environmental group has announced it supports Valencia’s Regional ‘Pativel’ Plan to protect the coast, but argues that it has left out several important areas.

In a statement it said the plan was necessary to protect what remains of undeveloped coastline  adding that the urbanisation of the coastal area since 1970 has caused serious damage to natural areas and their associated species, wetlands, landscape, agriculture and the marine environment. But the group believe “the Coastal Act and the land laws have come too late or have been lax and ineffective to protect the coastline.”

The Pativel Plan aims to conserve and recognise the value of the region’s coastline. It has marked out 6,500 hectares all within 1,000m from the coastline and in this area the plan prohibits certain activities. It prevents urban development although does allow for certain exceptional cases such as golf courses and small sea-facing hotels. It also identifies different soil types among which are those of greatest environmental, landscape and territorial values and second line areas of the coast that can support sports uses, golf courses and camp sites.

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However, Ecologists in Action said the plan does not go far enough. They said many important zones had been missed and want an extension to include protection for local areas such as La Cala Lo Ferri, the dunes of Guardamar, La Mata lagoons, Cabo Santa Pola and the Aguamarga dunes.

Ecologists in Action said Pativel does not include many water elements such as the mouths of the rivers, ramblas and ravine. 


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