Irishman arrested over humiliating death of homeless man at Malaga airport

Photo: Karl Smallman
Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport

POLICE hunting the killers of a British man found dead at Malaga airport on the Costa del Sol last year have arrested a man in Cadiz province.

Steven Allford was found dead on a bench outside Malaga airport in October with his trousers pulled down, ham on his exposed buttocks and his genitals placed inside an empty tuna can.

Fifty-eight-year-old James O’Byrne  was arrested in Algeciras in connection with the death.

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Police detained him under a European Arrest Warrant.

The police operation to locate three other suspects – two Finnish nationals and a  Briton – continues.

A video showing several men taunting Mr Allford the night he died which was briefly posted on Facebook. It was  discovered by Finnish police who tipped off their Spanish counterparts. The video was taken down soon afterwards.


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