Family appeal for help to track down convicted murderer

Sydney Draper in 1987 after helicopter escape

EURO WEEKLY NEWS  is appealing for help to find a convicted murderer who escaped from UK jails numerous times, who is now believed to be living on the Costa del Sol.

Sydney Draper, born in 1949, was convicted in 1974 for the murder of James Kennedy during an armed robbery at a British Rail depot in Glasgow and he managed to escape from prison on no less than three times, once spectacularly from Gartree Prison in a helicopter.

Prior to this, he fathered a daughter, Tamara Mockridge who is now seriously ill in hospital in the UK and her friend Hayleigh Rae has asked this newspaper to make an appeal on her behalf to see if Sydney Draper can be contacted.

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It is believed that he may be living somewhere on the Costa del Sol between Malaga and Estepona and Tamara would like to know if her biological father is alive or dead. If alive, she would very much like to hear from him.

Any news of Sydney Draper or even a message from him can be sent to the newspaper via email to and this will be passed on to Hayleigh and Tamara.


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