Alicante lashed by 160kmh winds

Juan Pablo Ruiz/Facebook
A tree ripped out of the ground.

ALICANTE was battered by winds reaching up to 163kmh causing power cuts, damages and injuries.

A Teulada councillor was taken to hospital when a table flew into him during the Sant Antoni festivities, which were later cancelled.

The winds also damaged buildings, throwing debris around town centres and ripping roof tiles off in Alicante city, Elche, Ibi and Xabia.


A tree was brought down onto a parked car on Lluis Vives street in Vistahermosa but fortunately no one was injured.

Flash storms also hit the area, drenching the region in the space of a few minutes, some of it in the form of hail and snow.

Emergency services have advised people to avoid parks and other areas with trees until the winds have died down. 


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