Family accuse hospital of malpractice in Alicante

ALICANTE HOSPITAL: Improvements to be made

A FAMILY has filed a complaint against the General Hospital of Alicante for alleged medical malpractice.

Two sisters have made the complaint after their father died in hospital after suffering from acute pancreatitis in December last year. The family said during the month he was in hospital, he had been put on a drip and feeding tube which had expired. 

After filing the complaint in Alicante, the family said their father may have died as a result of the pancreatitis he was suffering, but it may also have been due to being given expired medication. 


Their father was 80 and suffered from a mild degree of Alzheimer’s but they said the doctor continually remained optimistic about his prognosis. However, after 10 days in hospital, the sisters realised that the medication going through the drip was over a year out of date. 

A nurse said there was nothing wrong, it wasn’t dangerous, just made the medication less effective. Days later and the feeding bag being administered through a tube in the nose, was also out of date and from then their father’s condition deteriorated. 

The family received a letter from the hospital expressing their apologies saying to have out of date medication was “unusual, given the control exercised over pharmacy products.”


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