Calls for mayor’s resignation

UNDER PRESSURE: Carlos Ramirez (centre right).

AS lawyers acting on behalf of Mayor Carlos Ramirez managed to delay his court case from the planned April date to September, there are calls for Ramirez to step down.

The PP leader of San Fulgencio, faces charges relating to irregularities in the awarding of sports contracts totalling some €190,000 over a number of years, to run the sports schools in the municipality. 

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor requests nine years of disqualification from public office for Ramirez, and the Partido Independiente Por Las Nacionalidedes (PIPN) in San Fulgencio is calling for his immediate resignation.

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The party said in a statement: “We have not asked for his resignation until now as a date for the trial had not been set. It is unacceptable that the Partido Popular at provincial level isn’t willing to make a statement or act on this issue, when it has done in other municipalities for much less. Carlos Ramirez states that he has the full support of his party. We ask ourselves, when will they smack the table, say ‘enough’ and do what they stated they would do with all PP politicians who are indicted in any legal case?”

The PIPN said the mayor has made numerous ‘stupid comments’ such as “This is jealousy, the opposition who didn’t win at the elections wants to win in the courts etc, etc.”

PIPN is also asking for the resignation of Susana Ramirez Ortuño (cousin of the mayor), one of his deputies in the previous legislature and first deputy mayor in the current one, as they claim she had ‘full knowledge’ of his actions and in supporting the mayor in all his decisions. 

The mayor has continually claimed his innocence and denied any wrongdoing.


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