Torre del Cable repairs given the go ahead

TORRE DEL CABLE: Considered to be part of Marbella’s industrial heritage.

SITUATED in the water off Cable Beach, the Torre del Cable is about to have a three month, €115,000 facelift which will be its first serious remedial work in nearly 60 years.

Originally expected to cost just €83,000, the cost of repair has had to be uplifted due to damage caused during the heavy rains last year, but the money for the entire project is now being taken from the €1.3 million granted to Marbella by Central Government in respect of emergency coastal works following the storms.

All of the work will be undertaken at the top of the tower which whilst in theory simple will involve a great deal of work, especially as the existing paintwork contains highly toxic lead.

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Workers will need to clean the tower by sand and water blasting, collection of the harmful lead paint which will require tarpaulins and nets so that no pollution affects the sea and surrounding area and then it needs to be given a protective coating.

Prudence suggests that the work should not commence until late spring at the earliest as there is no point in undertaking any action whilst there is still any chance of heavy rains, but it should be completed before the end of the summer.

Although at one time consideration was given to simply destroying the structure, it is considered by many to be part of the industrial heritage of Marbella with its involvement in the shipping of ore and after the work is finished, it is expected to be taken over by the Marbella Council.



  1. Its about time this monstrosity was removed as it does nothing to enhance the beauty of Marbella. It is an ugly thing that destroys the beauty of the Marbella coastline and has no logical use whatsoever.

  2. So the repair is to maintain it – to do nothing other than sit there as a blight on the horizon and a risk to maritime traffic?

    Money well spent then….


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