New law to allow Generalitat to take over empty apartments and houses

EMPTY HOMES: The government will be able to rent these out.

THE Generalitat will have the power to appropriate empty homes. 

Valencia’s regional parliament approved the draft of the Social Function law enabling the Generalitat to take over apartments and houses that belong to owners who possess 10 or more vacant properties. The Valencia government will be able to rent out these properties as social housing for five years.  

The new measure applies to owners who have declined to sign up to the Generalitat’s social housing network and will principally affect banks that have repossessed unoccupied properties. 

The PSPV socialists, Compromis, Podemos and Ciudadanos voted in favour of the motion, which was opposed only by the Partido Popular.  The MPs voted down all the amendments proposed by the PP and Cs but approved a Podemos proposal to include a specific Energy Poverty monitoring committee. 

Banks that do not cooperate face fines of up to €30,000 warned the Generalitat’s Housing chief, Maria Jose Salvador.


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  2. Nice one 🙂 take huge backhanders from developers, take taxes for the build, refuse permission to inhabit/sell, take it back and rent it out….. i guess the next step is to then sell it back to other developers to build hotels. Nice 🙂 i wish i was a local government.


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