Bogus water workers arrested for 24 thefts in Murcia

National Police
The robbers caught on CCTV

THREE Spanish men aged between 19 and 39 have been arrested in Murcia by the National Police accused of targeting elderly people by posing as water workers and robbing after gaining entrance to their properties.

Police investigating 24 different reports of such thefts mainly from elderly women managed to piece together pictures of the thieves thanks to some descriptions as well as CCTV. One of the major problems was that all of those who had been targeted were more than 70-years-old with the oldest victim 97 and not all of them were able to remember what the thieves looked like.

Officers discovered the homes of those suspected of being involved in the gang and when they were arrested they were found to be in possession of jewellery which had just been stolen from another elderly person.


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