Europe’s vision for 2017

SPAIN: Now one of the best places to invest in real estate.

SPAIN is now one of the best places to invest in real estate in Europe as political turmoil grips the continent. Investor expectations for 2017 have been undermined by political uncertainty, especially in the UK, but Spain fares very well in recent reports.

PwC has released its European Real Estate Market Trends 2017 analysis. The global law firm surveyed almost 800 top real estate managers to get their thoughts on the year ahead. 

Low inflation and low interest rates were largely considered to consolidate Europe’s global positioning as a top property investment destination. But Brexit, and upcoming elections in France and Germany, led to most managers expecting a lower return on their assets compared to 2016. 


Yet more than three-quarters of those questioned believed the impact of Brexit will be largely confined to the UK. Spain meanwhile was highlighted as an up and coming destination with Madrid and Barcelona among Europe’s top cities, only slightly behind the German powerhouses of Frankfurt and Berlin. 

Investors also suggested that alternative property markets will see huge growth this year. Student housing, nursing homes, hotels, and new urban residential areas will draw massive international investment this year across 



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