Almeria and Junta de Andalucia look to the future

Mayor Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco and Susana Diaz

THE mayor of Almeria City and the head of the Junta de Andalucia regional government have put their heads together and agreed to collaborate for the sake of the city and its people.

At an hour-long meeting at City Hall, Mayor Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco and Susana Diaz discussed matters the Junta is responsible for which have been outstanding for some time. The mayor urged the regional leader to “put her heart behind Almeria’s projects and help make them a reality.”

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Projects on the list which require regional assistance include approval of the PGOU urban planning document for the city, the port-city project and the northern access to the A-92 motorway and its connection to the city.

Fernandez-Pacheco later said he hoped this had been the first of many meetings and stressed that collaboration and good relations between the two institutions are the only way forward.


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