Action ordered to safeguard beach houses

Following the recent storms, more properties have suffered damages.

A COURT has ordered Costas to save the houses along the Babilonia beach in Guardamar.

With houses collapsing into the sea, the judge ordered Costas Territorial Service of Alicante to take action ‘with immediate effect’ to prevent further deterioration of the properties.

The decision was taken at the request of the neighbours who for years say they have been neglected by the government in safeguarding their homes.

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Following the recent storms, more properties have suffered with rubble and bricks coming away from the foundations and landslides reaching the shoreline.

Residents staged a protest to demand both Costas and the City of Guardamar take action and offer solutions following the catastrophic consequences of time and the storms with half the houses now collapsed or damaged.

The houses began to be constructed in 1929, and then there was about 100m of beach from the houses to the sea. However now, the channelling works of the Segura have caused sediments to be stored meaning the beach is not regenerating leaving the sea to get closer and closer.

According to neighbours, this regression would be such that, since the completion of the channelling of the Segura and the breakwater in 1994, “some 20 or 25m of beach would have been lost.”


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