Callosa’s nispero crop demolished by January storms

DEMOLISHED: Senator Joan Baldovi shown Callosa storm damage

CALLOSA D’EN SARRIA is Spain’s principal nispero grower but the outlook for the 2017 season is not encouraging.

According to initial estimates, 90 per cent of nisperos growing in the open were damaged during the January storms. Forty per cent of those cultivated under cover were also lost after polytunnel structures were damaged by hurricane-force winds. The 300 millimetres of rain that fell during the storms caused further damage to the developing fruit.

Other crops fared no better and a quarter of late citrus fruit was lost as well as 60 per cent of avocados which the gales stripped from the trees.  Equally damaging for local agriculture, 70 per cent of the town’s complex irrigation network was affected by the bad weather.

It was still too early to make specific estimates, said Callosa’s mayor Josep Saval.  It was not only crops with public infrastructure and private property also damaged.

Roofs needed attention at the Polideportivo sports complex, municipal library, Museo Etnological, municipal market and Casa de Cultura which had all suffered rain damage, Saval said.


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