Costa Blanca plans to fight off Brexit

TOURISM HEADS: Will continue to make the Costa Blanca an attractive destination.

BREXIT was a hot topic at the Fitur tourism fair in Madrid. 

With the Costa Blanca enjoying a successful 2016 in terms of tourist numbers and revenue, headed by the British contingent, none of the local businesses were daring to think about how Brexit could affect tourism.

Fitur highlighted the strength of the Costa Blanca as a top tourist destination, with numerous great attributes.

 It is one of the safest destinations in the Mediterranean, with strong transport links and is relatively cheap, particularly for the European middle class tourist.

These are conditions that have so far guaranteed success, but no one really knows the impact Brexit will have on the British tourism market.

Hoteliers and tourism heads said there is nothing else they can do but continue to offer quality, maintain prices and work to attract other markets, and continue to make the Costa Blanca an attractive destination year round.


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