Alicante: Three family members killed after being crushed by boxes of clothes while they slept

ALICANTE: The tragedy occurred at an address on Avenida de Alcoy.

A MARRIED couple and their 12-year-old daughter have died in Alicante after hundreds of kilos of clothing fell on top of them while they slept.

Their bodies were discovered by their eldest daughter, 18, who had been sleeping in a separate room in their flat on Avenida de Alcoy in the city centre.

The family made money by collecting and selling the clothing and footwear on flea markets or in Morocco and Algeria, and police estimate that between one and two tonnes fell on the three victims.


They described how all rooms in the small flat were packed to the rafters with boxes.

Firefighters were called in to help clear the room before forensic investigators moved in, and a post mortem has been scheduled.



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